In this game, the player characters are Firewall sentinels, members of a newly created cell (provisionally named A Noiseless Patient Spider; Patient Spider or PS for short).

The characters also have cover identities that are exciting enough in their own right.

In short, almost any legal character will work for this game. But here are some character choices that will work better for this game than others:

  • More than any other quality, Firewall wants devotion to the cause. It takes a great deal of commitment to being willing to die over and over for such an intangible goal. This is a rare trait that Firewall seeks out. It can supply everything else.
  • However, such devotion is not that difficult to find. Every sentient has a vested interest in Firewall’s survival. But more than that, the vast majority of existing egos lost some or all of their loved ones during the Fall. And they will do whatever it takes to stop that from happening again.
  • Firewall favors egos over morphs. They feel that brain wins out over brawn. Besides, too often, the egos have to go ahead of their slowly-conveyed bodies.
  • Firewall accords all sentients equal rights and representation. This is a refreshing change for most uplifts and AI.

CONCEPT: Firewall prefers committed, ego-oriented characters. Beyond that, almost any concept could work.
BACKGROUND: Almost any background could work, there is a surprising amount of Fall Evacuee, Lost, Lunar Colonists, Re-Instated and Uplift backgrounds in Firewall.
FACTION: Anarchists enjoy the decentralized nature of Firewall, Argonauts see Firewall as the guarantee of the future. Criminals may find a refuge in Firewall, where their crimes are dwarfed by the threat of extinction, Lunar residents were witness to the Fall and do not wish to see it repeated.