Coenobita means ‘cloister-brother’ in Latin. It is also the genus name for terrestrial hermit crabs. Firewall loves the metaphor of warrior monks sleeving into morphs like crabs selecting a new shell. Thus, Coenobita is a series of body banks and egocast centers that is secretly a front for Firewall.

The Planetary Consortium is the place where the Coenobita network must be the most well-defined. There, Coenobita is defined as corporation (it is not big enough to be a hypercorp) that operates body bank franchises and is loosely affiliated with other body bank networks. Coenobita has a fairly shady reputation which, strangely enough, is a help to its needs.

Coenobita has offices throughout the Solar System and on a few extrasolar planets. It’s central facility is a small station in the Earth system.