Character Creation Guidelines

The Characters will be Firewall Sentinels using the cover of Scum Swarm Gatecrashers who run body banks.

The only absolute restrictions on characters are:

  • That they must not have absolute psychological disadvantages that would prevent them from being Firewall sentinels.
  • They cannot use neotonic morphs. However, fully adult small morphs (Hobbits, Sprites, Elves) with the same stats are available.

Otherwise, everything goes. But some characters choices work better than others.

  • Your character is very likely committed to the goal of Firewall, as they are willing to kill and die for them, as often as it takes.
  • Firewall favors ego-heavy characters as characters may not always have the ideal morphs available.
  • High Willpower and Intelligence skills are very valued.
  • Unlike most groups, artificial intelligences and uplifts are considered equal members of Firewall.
  • Firewall has found the psychic asyncs useful despite their many flaws. The Lost have found a home in Firewall. In fact, Firewall volunteers are often made async by choice.

Backgrounds commonly found in Firewall; Re-Instated, Fall Evacuee, Lost, Uplift, Infolife, Lunar Colonist, Drifter, Scum
Factions commonly found in Firewall; Argonaut, Lunar
Aptitudes favored by Firewall. There is relatively flat, all of the Aptitudes are valued: Willpower, Intuition, then ego aptitudes.
Generally, translation of any language is available. But this implies honest communication on behalf of all parties. To truly understand a language, it may be worth buying. Otherwise, assume English is still the lingua franca and the most readily available language.
We will be using the Group Moxie optional rules from Transhuman. Although individual Moxie is highly recommended.

Character Creation Guidelines