Iris is the muse of the Eye for the Noiseless Patient Spider cell.


Iris is a form of infolife. In the extremely unlikely chance she may be sleeved into a morph, she will try and personalize it with a subtle eye motif if possible.

Otherwise, Iris appears as a female servant pod; pleasant, slight and unassuming. She dresses and acts modestly. Her sole personalization is a headband with an eye symbol on the front. When truly accessing the eye, the headband will slip over her eyes and become a blindfold. At which point, the eye symbol becomes a third eye as expressive as her other two. Iris’ voice is quiet and inoffensive unless particularly engaged, when it seems to be lifted off of a earnest discussion of hundreds of faraway Irises.

Should multiple forks of Iris need to run, they will subtly individualize themselves in some way as a courtesy to onlookers. Less capable instances of Iris will seem shorter and younger, more capable versions taller and more mature.


The Eye is Firewall’s internal forum and bulletin board. It is sophisticated enough to respond with an answer at least as intelligent as anyone who has ever asked it a question. Undeniably intelligent, some believe the Eye itself to be one on the mysterious Prometheans at the shady core of Firewall.

For the most part, the Eye does not show any more intelligence, self-awareness or personality than is needed to fulfill its function. A casual user might simply conclude that the Eye has a very elegant if understated interface.

But, now and then, it suits Firewall and the Eye to adopt a persona. And many proxies and sentinels find is psychologically easier to deal with a person rather than an interface. The Eye has more than one avatar for these situations. These iconic avatars are called the eye-cons by those in the know. Over time, the spelling has varied; eye-cons, iCons and, most popular, icons.

Transparent by nature, the Eye has made the icons continually hint at their true nature. Their digital forms will have an eye motif somewhere in their appearance, their voices will typically sound like a subdued discussion that is somehow audible and their names will typically begin with ‘I’ (Ian, Ivan, Imogen, etc.). The most popular version is Iris

It does take some precious computer resources to run an icon, so they are only generally run at the level they are needed. Almost any cell can run an icon as a muse. More capable icons could be considered as infomorphs or AGI. If you believe that the Eye is a Promethean, then the ultimate icon would be the equivalent of a Promethean Fork or Avatar. Icons are forked often and usually backed up daily. To save on computer cycles, a more capable copy of an icon is deactivated until needed. At which time, it merges with it lesser muse forks, updating and awakening.

A cell can request a fully-sentient icon to remain online as a cell member. The many cost of which are taken out of the pool of resources allotted to the cell. Some cells find a fully capable icon to be worth the investment. Others do not.

An icon is fully committed to Firewall’s goals and Is quite willing to delete itself rather than fall into enemy hands.

A standard copy of Iris at muse level has been assigned to this cell. Newly activated, she has very little personality beyond being a dedicated and efficient servant and secretary. She does have the potential for growth and more personality if her new cell takes the time to care about her.

Until full stats are generated for Iris, the Mercurial Investigator character from the core book can be used.